Sunday, 26 September 2010


Following the sudden demise of Vox, I've started a new blog here. I've not imported the old posts as I want to bring in the new! Today, though, I need to get on with swatching and blocking. Blocking is my new-found skill; in the past I've simply placed pieces on the ironing board, covered them with a damp tea towel and then given them the merest kiss from a cool iron: just the way Ma taught me. This will not do for City and Guilds and so, with much trepidation, I've been investing in new kit. Long pins with glass heads, blocking wires (these remain,as yet, unused), a spray bottle and, courtesy of John Lewis sport department (not one of my usual hangouts) a set of interlocking mats designed to protect your floor from gym equipment. A friend tipped me off about these and I have to agree, they are perfect for blocking knitting on.

Edited to add pictures.  ps Yesterday I finally found out how to use my HP Image Zone software to crop my photos. For my next trick I'm going to learn how to find the cropped images again.  Baby steps.

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