Thursday, 30 September 2010


Decided this morning to do a black and white photocopy of another aerial image ( b&w shows up the textures far better. I just moved the scanner forward a little to make it easier and, in doing so, accidentally pulled the lead out of its socket for, oh, all of 10 seconds. Which is enough for the computer to decide the scanner no longer exists. And my disk drive is caput, therefore will not read the software to let me reinstall. The HP online help looked promising, with simple instructions for uninstalling, then reinstalling. Alas, my scanner seems to be too old for them to bother with (it is 5). it looks as though I can uninstall it, but I can't find anywhere that would let me reinstall. I'll take another look when I'm feeling calmer and when I've fully recovered from the virus that's laid me low for the last week or so!

In desperation, then, I've returned to the image of Grafham Water for the aerial landscape exercise. It is far from ideal, but I've used tracing paper for the water and (my piece de resistance)buckwheat noodles to represent a ploughed field.  Frustratingly the tracing paper has ruckled horribly as I stuck it down, but who's to say they don't get storms whipping up the surface?  (Ahem!)  The rubbings collage I've done looks ghastly but I'm hoping the other one will improve once coated in a uniform layer of paint.  (Got to get it dry first).

Ah, well, that's two of the things I've been procrastinating over done (Aerial View exercises, blocking).  Now to tackle the dreaded list of symbols and the terrifying prospect of mounting and labelling samples.  I'm not at my best with glue and straight lines...

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