Thursday, 30 September 2010


I spent yesterday trying to do a collage and set of texture rubbings to recreate an aerial view.  I'd chosen a couple of images but the first (Meggs Hill, near Cambridge) was too simple: a circular copse of trees surrounded by cornfields which were traversed by a few tractor lines.  Needless to say, the other image (Grafham Water, Cambs) proved too complicated.  But as I looked at them, something strange happened.  Meggs Hill transformed itself into a forest of broccoli florets growing up from the beautifully crisped top of a sherpherds pie.  One of the fields at the edge of Grafham Water suddenly looked like a slice of toast that had been just slightly burnt, then lightly scraped.

At this point I gave up and ate lunch, then went into town to borrow "Earth from the Air" (an enormous tome) from the library, in hope of a more workable picture.  It's no good.  I see rivers turning into the pattern of milk (or syrup) poured over the top of porridge; molten icecream; whisked egg whites...

And I thought my obsession was yarn!

More usefully, though, I got home to find that my husband had left me this link.

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