Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Walls Have Knitting Patterns

Well, it has been a while, but technology/RSI/life in general conspired to give me less scope for knitting and blogging than I'd have liked over the last 18 months or so.  But thanks to a new camera (last September) and new computing equipment (this weekend), I now have fewer reasons for absence (though life remains chaotic).  I've had a bit of fun experimenting with the design of the blog (still needs a few tweaks).  The new header shows some rather amusing swatching that I found in my favoruite bolthole (Thaxted, Essex) earlier this year. Is it just me, or does that horizontal white line through a broad band of red look like a stop sign?  The picture (which I'm using sideways here) shows the side of a very red shopfront, adjoining a very beige house.  Clearly, the "beige" residents felt they needed to oomph their walls up a bit, but just what do you choose to go with megacrimson?  I'm not actually convinced that it works as a header for the blog. 

This leads me on to one of my favourite topics: walls.  (You may already be familiar with this obsession of mine from an earlier post on my "main" blog ).  Here's a new selection of knittable walls from my recent visit to Thaxted:

 This one has all sort of possibilities: vertical zig-zagging welts, or a lace pattern or....

 I envisage this one as individual chevron strips joined by a three-needle bind off in a contrast colour.

 Modular fan motifs, starting from the curved edge with welting, then maybe ribs for the centres.  A peacock feather colour scheme might work well here!

Textured chequereboard.  Somewhere I do actually have some swatches based on this one.

Next, a spectacular (albeit rather stained) wall that I spotted in Saffron Walden.  Lots of possibilities for textured knitting!

And a close up, from a different section of the same wall:

And now, back to work!